A Fun Incursion Activity That The Kids Will Love

Bubble Bash is the perfect incursion activity in a fun & safe environment. Our bubble suits fit on just like a backpack with your head protected, yet feet able to move around.

Our special smaller kids bubble suits are much lighter and easier for the kids to use and every booking comes with a dedicated game host to show them how to use the bubbles, help you supervise and keep the kids entertained.

Once strapped in, the kids have an absolute blast bumping, bashing and rolling around with their mates. We do 10-minute intervals after swapping the players around so they are not waiting around too long and get the most out of the activity.

(hint: they’ll be running around for hours in the morning which will make the afternoon go by a breeze)

Every booking also comes with our Big Bullseye (2m high) target which is double-sided with velcro soccer balls that stick on. This perfect for those not in the bubbles and is very simple to use so everyone can get involved. Our pop-up soccer goals are also there for anyone to have a kick about.

So what are you waiting for, aside from being really fun and enjoyable for the kids, we’ve also had certain centers reach capacity on days when we’ve booked for.

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    Loved by kids (& OSHC's)

    We come to you

    We can set up at your school/centre oval so you don’t have to drive the kids around.

    Bubbly Game Host’s

    Every Bubble Bash booking comes with a dedicated game host to show everyone how to safely use the bubbles, help supervise the session & make sure everyone is having a good time.

    Fun Fitness

    Forget sitting around playing video games or watching TV. Our bubble suits will the kids running around soaking in the lovely Perth sun while getting a (surprising) workout in.

    Fully Insured

    We’ve got full $20 million public liability insurance so there won’t be any issues with councils or OHS requirements for workplaces and schools.

    Smaller Kids Bubble Suits

    We’ve got special smaller kids bubble suits that are much lighter and easier to handle.

    Great for Large Groups

    Whether its 10 kids or 50, our game hosts will make sure they are all having a blast. The Big Bullseye is also a great addition to keep the spectators occupied and involved.

    Some of our past clients include

    Vacation Care Package

    After conducting multiple vacation care bookings, we’ve come up with the perfect package to ensure you get the best value for money AND the kids entertained for the entire incursion.

    We have 1 field for the bubbles where the kids have a free play. We set another small field with the pop-up goals and soccer balls so those not in the bubbles can have a kick about while they wait for the next Bubble Bash game. The Big Bullseye is also a great side activity as they wait for their turn to go in the bubbles.

    If you have less than 20 kids or more than 35, get in touch with us to modify the package below to suit your needs. We can always add/decrease game time and bubbles.

    Vacation Care Special


    2 Hour Hire

    20 – 35 players

    What’s Included

    • 12 Bubble Suits
    • Game Host
    • Big Bullseye
    • Soccer Balls, Goals and Field Markers

    Please note additional venue hire and council fees may apply. There is a small transport fee for bookings more than 20km from the CBD.

    About us

    Hey there and thanks for visiting our website. In our final year of university without the slightest clue and what to do with our futures, we found ourselves at a mutual friends Bubble Soccer birthday party.

    After trying Bubble Soccer in Perth for ourselves and loving it, we thought let’s give others the opportunity to experience this wicked fun activity without breaking the bank…and thus began Bubble Bash in 2016.

    Fast-forward 4 years and over 400 bookings later, we are still loving it.

    We are the most affordable Bubble Soccer company in Perth and pride ourselves on providing a fantastic customer experience. With upfront pricing and no hidden surprises, come chat with us to have Bubble Bash for your next event.


    Aashay & Tommy

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why are you cheaper than the rest of the Bubble Soccer providers in Perth?

    Being a family-owned style business, we want to make bubble soccer affordable so everyone in Perth can enjoy it. You get the same great service and a stress-free booking experience

    What surfaces can you play Bubble Soccer on?

    Bubble Soccer can be played on a variety of surfaces. We recommend grass or smooth surfaces. Your local park may do the trick. Indoor soccer/basketball courts are also suitable. We are not able to play on gravel, coarse bitumen or sand. If you are stuck, contact us and we will happily recommend a suitable location in your area.

    What do I have to bring?

    We provide all the equipment required to play the game, just bring yourself. Players should bring a water bottle to hydrate.

    What should I wear?

    We advise comfortable sporting attire. T-shirt (singlets not recommended), shorts and runners. Players are asked to remove any loose items of jewellery that may cause damage or injury.

    Do you have different sized bubble suits?

    Yes we have 3 different sized Bubble Soccer suits – Kids and Standard and Large. We will check the age group of the booking when you contact us.

    Have any more questions? Contact us and we'll answer them for you!

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