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Create fun memories with Bubble Bash Soccer!


Are you ready for us to create an unforgettable experience?

Now picture this… you’ve chosen us. Everyone is in their bubble suits, bumping and having an absolute blast. The game host has everything under control, so you can relax. You’re on the side-lines, making sure no-one eats the birthday cake. 🎂

You take a moment to just… smile. 🙂

Can you hear them laughing?

Can you see them smiling?

Can you hear them say “that was so fun!”? 🐵

That’s what you’ll experience when you choose us. 🙏

As a kid’s birthday party idea, Bubble Bash Soccer is a stress-free activity for parents, so you can kick back, relax and watch the fun. PLUS the kids will be talking about it until the next time they do it again! (Also… they’ll also be running around so much it’ll be lights out by 7pm). 😴

Are you prepared to have the ultimate bucks or hens party?

Or maybe you’re looking for an all-inclusive office team building activity?

Or you’re looking for the best incursion for your school holiday program?

We do it all, from school reward days, sport windups and season launches, to large community events that are local and regional. 🚚💨

Whatever your reason is, we guarantee that we’ll leave a lasting impression on all the players. 🥳

Bubble Bash Soccer is the perfect adrenaline-filled activity in a fun, safe environment. Our bubble suits fit on just like a backpack with your head protected, and your feet free to move you around.

Basically it looks like the below… 😅

     😁                      😈
💪🔴🤙             ✋🔵🤚
⚽️🦵                      🦵💨

We pride ourselves on providing high-quality equipment hire and high levels of player engagement which we offer through our energetic game hosts. Between you and me… our referees just want to maximize the fun, so whilst being the most fun, we may also be the cheekiest and most adventurous bubble soccer company Perth has for the public!

With our range of different bubble suit sizes, after being strapped in and a quick safety briefing from one of our awesome game referees, it’s all systems go. 🦍

Get ready to bump, bash, weave and roll as you try and outclass the other team by scoring the most goals. And hey, if you’ve scored more goals than Ronaldo and want more, Bubble Bash Soccer makes sure that Perth gets the biggest variety and creative games in our bubble soccer suits. We’ve got a bunch of other games to try in our bubble suits…did someone say Bubble Rugby?! A Bubble War with 80 Bubble suits?! 1v1 Matches?! Or how about we just sit on top of the Bubbles and have a fat chat?! ⚽️

So, what are you waiting for?

Bubble Bash Soccer is a fun experience for all ages in Perth.

Let’s power-up your next event. 👾💯

Call us today or fill out the enquiry form and let’s organise Perth’s next Bubble Bash Soccer game for YOU! 🙂

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The Bubble Bash Difference

We Come To You

Say no to hiring expensive venues. We can set up at most of the local parks around Perth making it easy for YOU and avoiding unnecessary travelling. See our FAQ’s for suitable playing surfaces.

Fun Game Referee’s

Every Bubble Bash Soccer booking comes with a dedicated game referee to manage the various interactive games and make sure everybody is entertained.

Fun Fitness

Forget sitting around playing video games or watching TV. Our bubble suits will have you running around soaking in the lovely Perth sun while getting a (surprising) workout in.

Full Safety Briefing

Every booking begins with a comprehensive safety briefing and demonstration so everybody knows how to use the bubbles safely.

Suitable for all ages

We’ve got bubble suits for all ages. Whether it’s a 5-year old birthday, bucks party or work team building event, we’ve got you covered.

Great For Large Groups

We can cater to large school & community events with up to 80 Bubble Suits! It’s not just all Bubble Soccer, we’ve got a variety of games to play in the bubble suits and a heap of other extras to keep the spectators occupied.

Simple & Easy Booking Experience

We’re here to help you book your next event and make sure you have a great experience. We’ll be with you every step of the way, and help you find the right date, time and location to make your event successful.


We’re 100% Australian and
100% Local 😁

We’re proudly Australian owned and operated. If you ever need help, you’ll be chattin’ with someone who is right here in Western Australia. We care about the community, and you can help by choosing us.

Aussie! Aussie! Aussie!

Bubble Bash is perfect for...

Kids Birthdays

Our specialty is throwing memorable birthdays for boys and girls at ANY age.

With our brand new smaller and lighter kids bubble soccer suits, they’ll be running around non-stop. 🎉

Sports Clubs &

With the ability to hire up to 80 bubble suits, large group bookings are easy with Bubble Bash.

Choose us for your school reward day, sports windups or community events.

All referees have their WWCC. 🏆

Bucks & Hens Parties

Get ready for an adrenaline filled Party like no other.

Gather your crew and we’ll help you get smashed before you get smashed 😉

Corporate Team

Try something different for your team building day.

We’ve got some great non-contact additions, so everyone can have a go. 📊 📈

Loved by parents, teachers and Perth businesses

Our Services

Bubble Bash is fully mobile around the Perth area and all the way from the Pilbara to Esperance. We come to a location of your preference and make sure your event is convenient and stress free. We arrive earlier to setup and organize all the Bubble Soccer equipment, so you can just focus on having fun! Please see our FAQ’s for suitable playing surfaces.

If you have not found a package to suits your needs, please contact us for a custom quote 😁

*Price includes GST.

1 Hour

$ 55pp

Need a custom package?

$ Call Us!

Every hire comes with a game referee, soccer balls, goals, field markers and a heap of fun!

*Price includes GST.

1 Hour

$ 55pp

Need a custom package?

$ Call Us!

Every hire comes with a game referee, soccer balls, goals, field markers and a heap of fun!

*Price includes GST.

1 Hour

$ 55pp

Need a custom package?

$ Call Us!

Every hire comes with a game referee, soccer balls, goals, field markers and a heap of fun!

*Minimum Players of 10 to play. GST Inclusive

How long do you want it for?

$ Call Us!

Need a custom package?

$ Call Us!

This hire comes with: a dedicated game host, bubble suits, soccer balls, goals, field markers, bows, arrows, bunkers, face masks, arm guards, pre-battle training, interactive battle modes and a heap of fun!

Looking for a fun incursion that will have the kids begging for more?

We have a package for you, please contact us!

The best way to celebrate someone's birthday is to have a party with ... ? (hint: Bubble Bash Soccer)

That's right! You guessed it, you superstar! We've got a package for you to create a fun and memorable experience. Please contact us!

Get smashed before you get smashed! What could go wrong?

Contact us for a hassle-free booking experience!

Reward Days. Post Season Wind-Ups. Team Building Days. Whatever the reason.

We've got you covered! Contact us and we can tailor a package that will suit you!

10 Bubble Suits


1 Hour Hire

10 – 15 players

What’s Included

  • 10 Bubble Suits
  • Game Referee
  • Soccer Balls, Goals and Field Markers

20 Bubble Suits

  • 1 Hour Hire: $600
  • 2 Hour Hire: $700
  • 3 Hour Hire: $800

If you have not found a package to suits your needs, please contact us for a custom quote

Awesome Extras:

to keep everyone entertained!

Big Bullseye
Click to Enlarge
From $150
Giant Bullseye
Click to Enlarge
From $300
Pool Soccer
Click to Enlarge
From $300
Inflatable Pitch
Click to Enlarge
From $350

Please note: additional venue hire and council park fees may apply. There is a small fee for bookings more than 20km from the CBD

Want to make it a big event?


Add Archery Skirmish to have the experience you’ve been waiting for!


About us

Hey 👋

Thanks for coming and giving us a chance to stand out from the rest.

You wanna know how Bubble Bash came to be?

When a bunch of brainiacs like yourself get together, you come up with some crazy ideas.

And only the chosen few are bound to run at each other with inflated gym balls (or an inflated dinosaur… whatever works).

So, two brilliant engineers in 2016 teamed up to solve this equation:

Ball((Human x Brain^2)/Bump)^10 + Fun = ???

What do you think the answer is?

Duh, obviously the answer is Bubble Bash Soccer!

Now fast-forward 6 years and over 2,000 bookings later, we’ve become absolute pro’s at what we do.

And that’s havin’ fun.

We can give you the best Bubble Soccer experience Perth has to offer because we’ve taken this idea of fun and are continuously evolving it.

We’ve got the golden trio: a hassle-free booking process, fantastic customer service and transparent pricing.


What are you waiting for?

Lets play!

Much Love,
Ricky & The Bubble Bash Team

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you better than the rest of the Bubble Soccer providers in Perth?

The team at Bubble Bash Soccer are all locals of Perth, WA.

We know the best places to eat, stay and especially play.

We are experienced and friendly party hosts, who can tailor your experience to make your day special.

We’re with you every step of the way!

What surfaces can you play Bubble Soccer on?

Bubble Soccer can be played on a variety of surfaces.

We recommend grass or smooth surfaces.

Your local park may do the trick. Indoor soccer or basketball courts are also suitable.

We are not able to play on gravel, coarse bitumen or sand.

If you are stuck, contact us and we will happily recommend a suitable location in your area.

Do I have to organize a venue?

Venue organisation is up to the client.

We recommend you get in touch with the council to ensure there are no social sports or park maintenance scheduled for the day of the booking.

If you are stuck at any point, give us a ring.

Who can play and is it dangerous?

Just about anyone can play.

We have a minimum recommended age of 4 years and above.

The chance of injury is the same as other contact sports however we always have a game referee to conduct a safety briefing before play and to manage games safely during the event.

What do I have to bring?

We provide all the equipment required to play the game, just bring yourself.

Players should bring a water bottle to hydrate.

What should I wear?

We advise comfortable sporting attire.

T-shirt (singlets not recommended), shorts and runners. Players are asked to remove any loose items of jewellery that may cause damage or injury.

Do you have different sized bubble suits?

Yes we have 3 different sized Bubble Soccer suits – Kids (1.2m) and Standard (1.5m) and Large (1.8m).

Do we only play Bubble Soccer?

We have a variety of other games to play in the Bubble suits which the game referee will coordinate on the day.

What happens if it rains?

Full refunds are offered. Contact us to get the full terms and conditions.

What if I get COVID-19?

Full refunds are offered. Contact us to get the full terms and conditions.

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haha got you 😛

Have any more questions? Contact us and we'll answer them for you!

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